The Desire to Score

jeff scoring a game.jpgWhite, black, awake, asleep, hungry, full… doesn’t matter… if you are a man and you have a heartbeat you exist to do one thing and one thing only:


As no exception to this eons-old rite of passion, I couldn’t stand the drought any longer, and on Wednesday night I ventured on over to my neighborhood cathedral: the ever tantalizing, the ever teasing, the ever titillating Sox Park.

I scored like no man has ever scored before.

Scorecards tell stories — great, fantastic stories that can be pieced together with digits and asterisks and squiggly lines.  Each one is unique — each scorer different from the next, yet universally similar enough to enlighten anyone else willing to read them.

When I was a kid I found scorecards from the ’60s an uncle of mine had kept.  There I was, decades later, in a dark basement in the dead of winter, recreating the majesty of Ken Boyer and Bob Gibson and Tim McCarver on a hot July afternoon… in my head.

So go ahead, take a gander… and try not to drool (click image to enlarge):

5.5.2010 Sox Scorecard.jpgAhhh… yes… I feel so much better now.

Hate me ‘cuz you’re allowed to, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




It always feels good to score. I like chatting with the ‘scorekeepers’ at the games. Sometimes they get mad when you discract them from their scorekeeping, though.

haha, you like to make notes aside too. Mine has Vinsculisms, phone numbers, birthdays for fellow season ticket holders around me, seat locations of friends that stop by to see me, etc.
And Wow on those scorecards that you score of the 60

Nice…I used to love to score games…busy taking photos now. Sometimes I wish I were two people at once ;o)


Mike — Haha. That’s true. I love the ensuing innuendo btw.
Emma — Yeah, I like to write down funny things that people around me say… like in this case my friend Johanna said “I”m drinking more and remembering less.” Love that line.
Jenn — I understand the feeling. Your pics are well worth it though.

Love your little side notes on the scorecard. I used to score every game but have gone to the “other side” lately and now tweet during the games instead. Ruined my life.

Never thought I’d want to see you score, but I made it though. Baseball porn, gotta love it.

p.s. Kudos for “Sox Park”, instead of Field

Awesome!! I love keeping score. I kept my scorecards since 1977. They are gold to me!

Baseball porn!! AAAaahHHhhaahah!!

I remember keeping score at games. I haven’t done that in a long time. With a DSLR and my Motorola Cliq, I’ve got too much tech to want to grab a pencil and buy a scorecard. Lame, I know…

OK, I lied, I kept score at a softball game last year because they were short guys on the team. The captain was impressed on ow “detailed” I kept score. You see, the art is not lost (though side notes would not be appropriate in an organized softball league like the one i support…).

I’m with ya Mike & Randy… keep up the good fight!

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