The Triple Dub’

It’s Friday.  I’m fried.  I’m about to fly to Michigan. 

So, today all you get is this video.  Consider it commentary on the state of race relations in America.  Consider it positive or negative.  You can definitely consider it a revolutionary workout.

Happy Friday!  Let’s all get out there and do some triple-dubbin’!



Not sure what was funnier, finding out someone actually flies into Michigan of their own free will, or the fact that the dude was wearing a Yankees hat in the one shot….


That is hysterical! I hear “What’s up white girl” at my school everyday…who knew I could use this to exercise? LOL!


The Warm-Up is key to any sucessful workout!!
Oh white giirrl?? Hysterical dude!

oh my lol this is is hilarious yet so horrible!

I just got the “triple dub”😄 how creative hahaha

thanks for sharing

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