Hey, Baseball Gods, WTF Did You Do to the White  Sox?

white sox crypt.jpgThey’re dead.
They even suck at playing the keyboards.

Frankly, they’re stinkin’ up the joint.

So don’t hate me.

‘Cuz I’m right.

And seriously, I don’t know how to explain the early season abomination that is the Chicago White Sox except to say: they aren’t who we thought they were.





Aren’t we supposed to be saying, “But it’s only May?” I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of saying that.


Jane — I think if you’re a Yankees fan or a Cardinals fan or an AL or NL West fan, you can say that, ‘cuz you’re still at the top of (or at least very much in) the race. But the Sox are 7.5 behind a very good Twins team… already. That doesn’t bode well for a team that forgot how to hit AND how to pitch over the offseason.

Seriously, who is their scout that let Ely get away? I know the kid can’t keep this going for every game but so far so good with him. I love watching this kid. The control he has! He has only walked one and has yet to give up a HR. He is not afraid to challenge hitters.
I really thought during Spring Training that the White Sox would be doing better.


Just think, 5 short years ago it was the Sox and LOLstros playing in the World Series….man, it doesn’t take long for things to implode.

I agree! I keep tabs on them. Kenny is about to blow that thing up! And I don’t think Ozzie is going anywhere either.

I’m not sad in the least to see the Sox sucking. They are getting little production from guys like Beckham and Quinten and even Konerko is slowing down. Ozzie might be in danger of going bye-bye and I couldn’t be happier.


I guess Jesus hates the White Sox, too. About time he jumped on that bandwagon. Ozzie should start practicing his new line “you wantee frize wit dat?”.

Emma — Me too. Maybe they will still. Or probably not.
Jonestein — Good point… the franchises both look completely different too.
Mike — Kenny LOVES to blow things up.
Rays Fan Boy — Ozzie ain’t goin’ anywhere. And who doesn’t like Ozzie? That’s like not liking peanut butter, dude. Why do you not like the White Sox so much? It’s not like they’re the Yanks or Red Sox. Just sayin’…
Mike — Haha. I think Jesus still loves the White Sox. 2005 is the reason. Hehe.

give ozzie the twitter!

I say the supreme commander dude sucked the life out of them for his own self gain… or they just really suck badly….

Phillies Outside

Well, since Jesus already hates the Cubs, I guess he could not discriminate against the other Chicago team, with 2005 being the exception. It could get better…but I am not holding my breath.


Matt — Gotta love it!
Peter — Good thing they don’t let him pitch… jeesh.
Jenn — Me neither. As long as he keeps his hatred in the Chi I’m cool with it.

LOL i love this post!


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