When You’re Having Trouble Scoring

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 Seattle Mariners!

Let’s see, he’s about 1 for 7 and even the 1 was kind of a bloop.  Yep, definitely on par with the Mariners.

Happy Saturday!


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the reporter did it and said it all…. someone should have at least shown him how to do it right before he tried something so simple and they say a college education is well worth the money… DOH!! He struck out as much as Jeff and the Cards probably will at the sCrUBS games this weekend….

Phillies Outside

He’s had one too many “Apple Pies” in high school. Jeeez! He couldn’t get that hammer through wet toilet paper.

Pfffffft hahahahahahahahaa😄

that was hilarious! Thanks for sharing hahahahaha


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