“Daz Wha You Gonna Be!”

chicago aerial.jpgQuick! 

What’s black and blue and so p!ss drunk that it looks like a Philadelphia Flyers fan? 

If you answered the Cubs/Whitesox Crosstown Classic, then you are absolutely correct, dear reader!  Now, buy me a shot (and none of that buttery nipple nonsense; hit me with the Jameson)!

Verily, I love the Second City infighting.  Cubs.  White Sox.  Northside.  Southside.  Rotten GovernorsPresidents of the United States.  Whether both teams are playoff bound (2008) or just treading water til next April (2010), it is no secret that this intracity rivalry brings out the best — ahem — worst in human nature.

And that includes making baseball managers think they can rap.

Yep, just like last year (and the year before that), once your ears have been damaged by the following Sox/Cubs rap, the Chicago baseball bragging rights may officially be sought:

Don’t hate MC Sweet Lou and DJ Gui-licious… ‘cuz they’re right.

Happy Friday!



Happy Friday Jeff! Going to any of the games this weekend?
We get the Angels at Dodger Stadium! I also can’t wait for the USA against England game!

Emma — You bet! I’m goin’ to Wrigley tomorrow… ready to box a Cub!

I’d like to say I’m glad their day job’s aren’t singing, but right now not sure what their better at…. the north v south rivalry and alcohol can only make for a day or not to have people tell you what an idiot you were when you come out of the drunken stuper…


Most people can’t talk by the end of the day, Peter. LOL. Lot like those English blokes in the pub watchin Chelsea on the tele!

Both sides should be embarrassed after that vid. Have fun at the country’s largest alternative bar!…The very very friendly confines.

Crosstown rivalries can be interesting like the one between the Dodgers and the Angels cept the Angels aren’t crosstown. They are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Talk about confusing.

Mike — I agree… still makes me laugh though.
Cat — That has always bothered me. I used to live in No-Ho and a trip to Anaheim (which is in another county) would take 45 minutes to an hour. It’s not the same city. Not even close.

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