The RSBS Podcast, Episode 4: Finally, Allen’s Krause… and Other Stuff

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And so in this Podcast…

Dear readers galore FINALLY get to meet THE one, the ONLY, Mr. Allen Krause as he joins Jeff and Johanna to discuss all things urgent, all things necessary.  And it’s all made possible by science.  And hard work.  And Skype.  Judge for yourself.  Among the titillating
topics of discussion: Strasburg as Jesus, the difference between anathema and an enema (it’s important), starting a Pete Rose for US WBC Team Player/Manager petition on Facebook, Gallaraga’s thingy, the Lou Piniella Mailbag and much,
much more!


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thanks to Keith Carmack — our engineer, director, editor and
all-around sound guru.  His Undercast
podcast is the bomb shizzy, by the way.  It’s available on iTunes and
is posted regularly at Undercard

Recorded Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Fun listening to Allen this time! He sounds like he’s in a tunnel, but that gives him an air of mystery, like he’s on his way to a meeting of CIA agents. Love it.

Nice podcast! And yes, the wave is whack…had to sit through one last night. Yuck. I guess people were really, really bored.

Freaking hilarious, and Yes, Strasburg is the reincarnation of Jesus. Happy to finally hear Allen… And I agree with Jenn about the wave

listening while i cruise the hood.

I have friends in Chewbaccia!

Jane — He was in a tunnel. That’s where we keep him. So he behaves🙂
Jenn — Thanks! The wave is really that bad, eh? I had no idea all these years.
StlCardinals06 — Thanks, man. Keep comin’ back!
Mike — Make sure their shots are all up to date… I hear there’s an Wookie Influenza bug devastating the country.

Ah, fatty bashing – the last bastion of bigotry even for our beloved beacons of liberalism & tolerance at RSBS. I’d organize a Million Fat Man March on Washington to protest, but I doubt D.C. has enough hot dog vendors, defibrillators, and EMS crews available to man the national mall for the event.
(According to Seinfeldian Rules, as a fat guy, I’m permitted to make that joke without being a bigot).

And yes, the wave sucks a$s.


I still can’t listen. need to get off the work laptop and log on to the home but running late now. Will listern when I come back from the game.

Jonestein — What can I say? It’s Allen’s fault. And Johanna’s. Though as a bystander, I am not off the hook, for I watched it happen…but I was busy eating a hot dog so that’s my excuse😉
Emma — Do whatcha gotta do🙂

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