The Long and the Short of It

Jose Canseco turns 46 today.  For a guy who juiced as much as he did and who is almost as famous for letting a pop-up bounce off of his head as he is for belting tape measure home runs, it’s kind of amazing to think he could make it to 50.

It would also be amazing if this dimwit makes it that far:

“Hey Jerry!  Guess what?  I totally shorted BP and I’m going to make a killing……..Of course I’m going to the Hamptons this weekend, well, as long as my herpes don’t flare up again…..”


No more Hamptons and so much for that nose job.

Happy Friday!



You are a hell of a lip reader, bruss, to get all that! I laughed when the guy put the phone AFTER getting popped in the head. The look on his face was one of extreme embarrassment. Good! Get off the phone! You’re at a game!

LOL!! hahahaha tool!

saw something on my yahoo front page about Canseco taking up boxing. guess that blow of the ball on his head hasnt made him all unconscious

Trying to muster pity for either of them…
*trying harder *
Not working.

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