Franklin Tells Yadi About Bengie’s Cycle

Hey yadi
Wanna hear a joke
Your brother bengie
Yadier molina 1

No matter how you look at it, folks, baseball is the greatest game. ‘Cuz miracles do happen.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




That. Is. Brilliant! You nailed it!!

hahahahaha I was shocked to find out he hit a stand up triple! Anything can happen indeed!

Only the great crew at RSBS could throw a photo collaberation together like that and still make it tie in so beautifully.
Classic Molina moment. I was worried after the triple that Bengie’slungs imploded on imapct with the clay around Third Base.
Wonder if Yadir will try and atretch out a double soon to try and show Bengie is not not alone.

Rays Renegade

Funny stuff. Miracles do happen in baseball, as well as strange facial hair.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Hyunyoung — Thanks!
Mimi — That’s why baseball is the BESTEST!
RR — Yadi may not hit triples, but the dude will steal a base. Lookout!
Mike — Indeed. Lot of that weird facial hair going around the Redbird clubhouse.

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