A Modern Day Bro-blem

jeter_rodriguez_bro.jpgA friend once claimed me as his “heterosexual life mate.”  What does that mean?  Well, in today’s lingo he’d probably just refer to me as his “bro.”  It’s a way for guys to have the kind of friendships that women have.  Although, a fine line exists.  Once you start talking about women and your problems with them, are you still in bro territory?

Perhaps it’s easier to look at this another way.  A-Rod and Jeter?  Bros.  Clemens and Pettitte?  Bros.  Carlos Zambrano and anyone?  Probably not so much.

You get the idea.  A bro is a guy who’s there for you, who has your back and who you can just kind of hang out with and be yourself.

But what happens when bro-ness becomes more complicated?  What do you do when you’re a free agent and every season find yourself in a new city surrounded by new faces?  Unfortunately, it’s at this point that the darker side of bro-hood sometimes rears its ugly head:


This doesn’t have to happen.  You have options.  Skype and air travel make long distance bro-lationships much more doable than in the past.  But before you can make it there, you have to make it past the ugly specter of bro-stitution.  If you ever need help, we’re just a comment away.



I wouldn’t trust the dude with the English accent, cause he LIE’s…….LOLstros……

-peter ..who else…ho ho ho

Not sure I can getthe same “huggy” feeling sending a smiley face to my bro via the many social media spots that have sprung up all over the place.
Does accepting a person as a “friend” on Facebook, or following them on Twitter make me an instant Bro…social Hoe or just an average media schmoe?
Hopefully a bit of each in appropriate proportions.
Ohhh! just a got a friend request from MLB…maybe they like me…Maybe they truly like me!

Rays Renegade


You know what they say Bros before….. well you know the phrase LOL

Bromances aren’t too bad.. good ol guys admiring their own company I suppose😛


Cleveland fans know nothing about bromances. All of our players get traded before they can form any solid ones.

http://amyharber.mlblogs.com (Jobu’s Teepee)

My question is this: Which of you, Jeff and Allen, is the Brostitute and which is the John?


No brainer. Jeff = Brostitute. Al = The John. Ya think I gotta pay for that sorta thing? Hardly😉

I see bro-lationships in the Red Sox’s minor league teams, but not really with the big league club. If only Beltre let people pet his head…

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