The Filibuster


For some reason people tend to think that the two personalities of Ozzie and Manny might clash like oil and vinegar. I think a bit differently. They both have a laid-back more of a cruisin’ through life with style phase to them, which could also be the perfect bond.
Do not be surprised if they bond like brothers from another mother and possibily chat about a nice place in the South Side for Manny in 2011.
If Billy Martin and George could reunite and be friendly….Manny and Ozzie have a chance too.

Rays Renegade

Kenny Williams is awesome!! I met him in Baltimore and he spent a good 10 minutes talking with my lil’ family and me…right out of the parking lot. I was taking a picture and he came behind me and asked if I wanted him to shoot the pic for me, of us. I called him Mr. Williams and he told me that was his father! He said I was to call him Ken. Williams, Ozzie and Mr. Reinsdorf were made for each other. I dig the ChiSox…but then again there’s the matter of being related to their 3rd base coach. (shhh)

This could work out for the ChiSox, but sometimes you gotta take a chance. If I was a Sox fan, I am not sure how happy I would be, but I know for a fact I would be intrigued. Go ahead Kenny Williams, take a shot. What’s the worst that could happen?

I will miss Manny and wish him well. He gave us some thrilling moments, he was good with his teamates and he was good with the fans. He even gave little Deuce a signed bat.
It was time to say goodbye. He is better suited for the AL.

Manny will thrive for the White Sox – unless he gets tossed after the first pitch of a pinch hitting appearance with bases loaded like yesterday. I think that would send Ozzie off a bridge or something.

RR — Manny can and will be manageable… if he wants to play.
BTB — I won’t tell anyone. I might use it as a way to get onto field level… but I’ll keep it a secret.
StlCardinals06 — Exactly… and he’s relatively cheap.
Emma — Agreed. His antics are better suited for the playground though.
Jane — That was ridiculous. I wonder if he did that on purpose.

Manny’s either gonna play like a maniac for the rest of the year or immediately get hurt. No in between.

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