Pirate Exercises?

pirate exercises.jpgNotice how none of them include baseball?

No surprise there.

And I know my own Redbirds had their problems with these pesky losers, but the Pirates are 16-60 on the road so far this season and I haven’t bashed them in quite a while, so… yeah.

Hate me ‘cuz my visual aids are top notch, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(Image courtesy of 9GAG)


The Pirate exercises left out:

Accepting prolonged failure and a how to accept trade rape.


hahahahahahahaha okay you got me with that one , too frikin funny..


SLY — True. Trade rape is something they’ve been the victim of many a time… thank god there’s alcohol in Pittsburgh.
Peter — Frikin thanks! hehehe

Trade rape! Haven’t heard that term before, but I guess it applies to the Pirates!


Jane — Indeed it does… it sounds like it is: brutal.

Being from an area that celebrate Pirates more than once a year, I can tell you they are like elephants and will not forget your words.
With a young whippersnapper team that they have assembled, I would fret to want to play a lot against them in 2011.
And that time is not as far off as it might seem when these Buccos from the Steel City post a few sabers in your belly.
Youwill need a hearty grog when this bunch of sea-baren seas dogs come across your bow.


Rays Renegade


That’s twice in 3 days you got me to bust out laughing!!!!
The Street….Boss!!!!

Gotta please the boss!
–Street Boss

and here i was thinking you forgot about us…were looking solid now. if we win 2 out of 3 against the marlins we’ll avoid the worst road record in history!…still embarrasing

RR — I’m always up for some grog. Hearty or not. LOL.
Matt — Never! I could never forget about y’all! Embarrassingly awesome!

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