Jeff Interviews a Robot

Jeff interviewed a robot

About the world series.

cleverbot screenshot.JPG

And what we learned is…

Robots cannot be trusted.


What cut backs at RSBS, your replacing your interns, what you think the Cleverbot wont file a sexual harassment suit against you… LOL

– peter

What about R2D2?
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Peter — Interns expect more and more these days. Robots work for free (I think).
Mike — His PR people couldn’t be reached. Too busy!

That was actually Billy Beane. He dunno what the World Series is either. The evidence is overwhelming.

I am guessing you may want to rename the “cleverbot.” She is not quite living up to the name…lol


Prince — I knew it!!! Genius my ****!
Jenn — Have to agree with ya on that. An oversight on my behalf.

Does CleverBot do bachelor parties?

If it doesn’t do the World Series, chances are it won’t do bachelor parties either. At least, logically speaking anyway.

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