Um… Okay, So Did You Want a Cookie?

tony larussa with pets.jpg

Tony LaRussa will be back at the Cardinals’ helm in 2011.



No, really.

I’m happy about that.  I’m just as happy about that as I am happy that I still have all my teeth.  And believe me, I like having all my teeth.

But I think I’m in the majority of Cardinals fans who really is over the glamour (if you can call it that) associated with Tony LaRussa.  Is he a fantastic manager?  Indeed.  Is he one of the best ever in the history of the game?  You bet.  But… Mr. LaRussa, what on earth have you done for me lately?

Not that much.  Unless, of course, you consider alienating our number one prospect doing something productive.

Look, y’all, it is not my intent to get all privileged and Yankeefied here, to whine about continued success and be an annoying voice of nag; because I know what it feels like to lose.  I’m not seeing this for something it’s not.  But let’s face it: a team that features both Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday in the lineup and Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright in the starting rotation, must be in the playoffs.



2011 is an all-in year for the Cards.  They better throw every dollar, every asset, every rosin bag in to winning the whole damn thing.

Anything less will be a complete failure — and probably the last of TLR’s tenure with St. Louis.

Believe that.

Go ahead.  Hate me.  I don’t care.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




You almost sound as if your feeling a little left out, kind of like a Yankee fan when things aren’t all about them… look on the bright side, it’ll be Christmas soon… or Halloween…


Hmmm. A bit spoiled, are we?
I predict you’d better get ready for the excitement inherent with either Jonathan Broxton or Jonathan Papelbon as your closer; La Russa’s La Russa—-he’ll do what he does. The team will win.

Peter — I AM feeling left out, dude. I want my World Series and I want it NOW!
Prince — Yeah, trying to avoid that description, but we Redbird fans are spoiled. Not as much as Yankee land, but we are.

I wasn’t surprised when Tony was re-signed. He and the Cardinals are like a married couple that stays together for the sake of the kids.

That’s a good way of putting it, Jane. That’s a good way of putting it. *Sigh*

LaRussa stays on – a good thing, indeed!

Quade beats out Ryno for the Cuuhbbies’ job – Sorry, Ryno, you didn’t win the division in Des Moines. Next excuse?

And, yes, you’ll get your World Series – and your cake. They simply need to focus on the prize as they always had and to augment its core with serious plugs in the gaps from 2010.


– Randy

Randy — That’s the problem. TLR & Co. haven’t been able to fill the gaps…. HOW LONG MUST WE KEEP RYAN FRANKLIN? Seriously.

Always thought the love train ran deep and solid under the great arch for LaRussa.
But I do understand the lost love and the bit of humbling that can be brought on by finally knowing the truth.
LaRussa will be there until he wants to fade to black…or in this case take off his red and white’s.
Could be worse, LaRussa could be getting a little extra loving on the side from his old flame…O-town.

Rays Renegade

RR — O-Town? The band? From the 90s? LOL.

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