RSBS Undercover: Jeff as a Yankees Fan, Day 11

jeff as yankees fan.jpgThe learning curve on being a Yankees fan isn’t nearly as forgiving as one might expect given the Evil Empire’s age old stranglehold on professional sports fandom.  I’m a smart guy; but even I am having a hard time understanding it all:

“We friggin’ HATE A.J. Burnett!”

“We friggin’ LOVE A.J. Burnett!”

“WHO the friggin’ frig is A.J. Burnett!?!?”

Uh… what?

But don’t let lightning fast fluttering allegiances get ya down, especially if you’re a bandwagoneer.  As long as you remember the basics (i.e. Jeter is GOD; Mo will kill you in your sleep and not break a sweat; Posada is a defense-challenged commodity) then you shouldn’t have any troubles navigating through the Yankees’ world of privileged self-righteousness.

Of course, there’s one more thing you should know: once you go there… you can never go back.  You can never unsee.  Never unfeel.

When Mark Teixeira went down with his injury the other night, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking…

albert pujols yankees.jpg
Now, pardon me while my conscious does battle with my psyche.

Happy Friday!



That’s never out of the question in the Bronx. He might have to wear number 83 or…59a..or something like that.
He’ll have to work that out with Crawford and Lee next year. Uniform numbers are getting harder to come by over there.
I have a lot of catching up to do.

Oooh…that image of Pujols had to hurt. Ouch!
And so Mo is Freddy Kruger? I may never sleep again…


That visual of Pujols in pinstripes is not a good one. Now that the Yankees have just been bounced (early!) from the post-season, however, they’ll be looking at the FA market with a new vengeance. Hmmm…
I’ll be catching up with you guys again now that the off-season is nearing (although there is some good pitching I’m anticipating yet). I did like the “Sit Down and Be Counted” entry I saw a while back! (I HATE the “Wave”!)
Take care, Jeff and Allen!

So now on day 12 you’ll be curled up in a corner sucking your thumb whimpering, which will probably go on for a month or more sucking as much sympathy as possible from everyone around you, eventually you’ll grow a pair and go back to being a Cards fan…:-)

Still I think you found the essence of Yankee fans, so your research went well…


Mike — You crack me up…. so true though. I’ll take 53c please. LOL.
Jenn — Yeah, Mo as Kruger sounds about right. He does have a nasty CUTTER!
Greg — Thanks, come back any time! We miss ya!
Peter — I think the research went well. Now, if I could just get my soul back.
Prince — On it!

OMG I love Pujols!!! He would look pretty damn sexy in pinstripes, but I know that’s NEVER gonna happen…haha I can dream, though. I feel bad for my boys. Their season ended too soon. Oh well…they’ll get another chance

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