The Greatest Series No One Will See


Tim Lincecum.  Cliff Lee.  Buster Posey.  Josh Hamilton (with special guest, Jesus of Nazareth).

This… spells… EPIC.

Unfortunately, only the folks in San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth and the diehards (like myself) will be paying attention.

Such is a World Series without marquee cities and pinstripes galore (see 2006 for more info).

But I have an idea… a way to rope in the casual fan from Syracuse to Sandusky to Sacramento and beyond. 

In between innings, give a hot chick a gun and let ‘er rip:

‘Cuz, THAT, dear readers, is ‘Merica!!!

Yes.  Yes, you can thank me later.

Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Its a must watch, see if the Giants juice is still working on the players or if Jesus is still watching over the Rangers outfield, it’s riveting stuff, could turn into a reality show, well 5 or 6 episodes anyway….


Peter — Heck, might only need 4 episodes.

I’ll be watching starting tonight. This should be a great series. Can’t wait! Go Giants!

Me too, Jane! Though I don’t really have an allegiance to one team or the other. Just looking forward to some excellent ball!

If the hot chick uses a Cody Ross mannequin as a target, I may consider tuning in.😉

Thanks Jeff. I’m a diehard, too, and I’ve been watching. I’ll watch right up until the end.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

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