Oakland A’s Fans React to Losing Rajai Davis

Yeah.  Hate me.


Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Only in Oakland would no one throw anything at the one shooting the movie.

I think they were cheerleaders for the Raiders having a quiet night out when they got the news of Davis…:-)



Hehe… maybe that’s what the Raiders need, Peter. See if you can make that happen.

Oh good, it looks they learn their lesson and changed the venue. Because last year’s trade announcements at the Oakland Red Lobster? Live lobsters flying everywhere. Snow crab feast pandemonium. It wasn’t pretty.


Christ, I hate to see what they gonna do when the A’s move to San Jose!

Blithe — Red Lobster. Oh. Yes. It was ugly.
Jonestein — Tell me about it!

Another reason maybe the Athletics want to move to a more stable fan base in San Jose (site of their proposed stadium).
Might just be a frustrated Raiders fan too who has to sit up in that top tier of the stadium where the seats were covered all baseball season long and more than a few critters probably left their bony remains.
Only in O-town will a fan wear a skeleton outfit and have a bone to pick in a restaurant food fight. What no partier remember the classic “Animal House” food fight and no one in this video wore a toga!

Rays Renegade


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