Happy Marshmallow World to You All!

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Oh, sure.  Labeling Mr. Krause and I the Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra of the baseball-politico blogging world makes total sense.  We’re both charming, charismatic, extremely good looking. 

And, of course, crazy cool!

So as we take a few days off to celebrate the holidays, please take a moment to pat yourself on the back for being such a fantastic RSBS dear reader and enjoy your free time by watching one of the best live duets of all time!  Seriously, if this performance doesn’t leave you reaching for the brandy bottle, something just ain’t right.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and long live baseball!

Jeff & Allen


Merry Christmas Jeff and Al. You two are also smashingly handsome like the Dean and Frank. Hey, was Frank’s socks falling down at the beginning of the video or what?

Oh you HAD to go there!
Really? You had to go all “Maddon” on it today (lol)
Seriosuly, the best of nights with lights aglow tonight, and hearty libations to toast your good fortunes and gifts.
But I agree a bit with Emma that you two might be the Dean and Frank of MLBlogs, but then again those two did charm the pants off the World.

Buno Natale gentleman….Where is the Kaulua and Rum?

Rays Renegade


Jeff & Al – youse guys are consummate entertainers and classy fellahs. All that’s missing are the tuxedos. Happy Holidays.


p.s. – It’s a marshmEllow world, cats. Not a marshmAllow world. Can you dig it?

Happy Holidays my friends. Be safe and let the thoughts of spring training warm your hearts.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Happy Holidays to you both!!


As always, my focus is on ME!!! Where am I in all of this? Am I one of Frank’s and Dean’s helpful “friends”?

Belated Merry Christmas! You guys are definitely the Rat Pack of Mlblogs and very cool!


Emma — *Blushing here*
RR — Don’t look now, but Allen drank it. All of it.
Matt — We dig it, cat. G’on down the road, but keep comin’ back😉
Mike — Ah… those words… such magic they bring!
Jenn — And to you and your family as well!
Prince — You’re the boss!
Jane — Thanks, friend! Again, we’re blushing… and tipping our caps to you as well!

Hope both you guys and your families had a good Christmas and that the inebriation has worn off to the point your now coherent again….

Hope you guys get into the New Year with to much damage over the next few days….


Peter — Well wishes to you also, good sir! Us? Hungover? Never!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

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