Highlights from the 2010 RSBS Twitter Reel

rsbs twitter 1.JPGrsbs twitter 2.jpgrsbs twitter 3.JPGrsbs twitter 5.jpg
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Jeff & Al


Hmmm…should I share my Twitter (mis)adventures?
Could be trouble.

I always look forward to the “Beer Thirty” salute from the RSBS Tweet deck. It is the highlight of my lonely infantile day. It ususally hit my laptop about the time I take my mandatoery Coors Light moment to reflect on the day’s muses and special non-comedic chuckles.
Keep the Tweets coming…….You know you can tell your grandkids your Tweets are in the Library of Congress some day…right next to the TMZ Youtube clips.

Happy New Years gentleman….time for me to cause a bit of well-supervised NYE chaos

Rays Renegade


A very excellent highlights reel! Hope you guys have a rockin’ New Year’s Eve tonight (not sitting around watching Ryan Seacrest, I hope, or Anderson Cooper). See you in 2011.


Seriously, this stuff’s funnier than @TheRealShaq’s Twitter account! However, there is a point about the third one: Some might say Prince Fielder *is* a Bear – and he’s prolly hugging Kevin Smith.

Anyway…good stuff, fellas!

– Randy

Prince — That’s definitely trouble. Do so at your own risk😉
RR — If only it were always beer thirty…
Jane — Thanks! I was Anderson, Al was Kathy Griffin😉
Randy — Ha… I wouldn’t be surprised if Prince was a bear. Only one way to find out!

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