The Yankees PR Machine Could Use a ‘Lil Ron Daahl

brian cashman bad hair day.jpgOh my, oh my, oh my.  Who coulda thunk it?  Who would’ve thought the Yankees’ public image would be so tainted after just one offseason of not signing Cliff Lee, not signing Carl Crawford, not (yet) signing Andy Pettitte and not listening to their GM who was supposedly off courting — *GASP* — Carl Pavano of all people!!!???

Okay.  Well, the Yankees have had a bad winter.  So what?  They’re the Yankees.  They’re still among the best; and I’m positive, they will survive.

But just in case they need to run some interference on all the current bad press, I suggest they employ the services of one magnificent Ron Daahl.

Who is Ron Daahl you ask?

Why don’t ya see for yourself:

Ron Daahl from Charles Grodin on Vimeo.

Ron Daaaaaaaaaaahl!


Happy Friday!


*Special thanks to the Charles Grodin crew! If you’re ever in the Chi, go see their shows! They will make you pee your pants they’re so funny!


Pshhh Cliff Lee…WHO NEEDS THAT BUM…he obviously didn’t want to come to NY cuz he’s a coward. So I don’t want him. Crawford…seems too much of a gangsta but whatever. I liked the Soriano thing, but now I’m a little mad at him…

What is it with the guy in the video snapshot. Is he dreaming of a special moment with Ron Daaaahl possibly at the Maaaaall. And why is he not getting Daaaahl to sign a basebaaaaall.

Rays Renegade

Gotta say, Jeff, when I first read the name, I thought it was Roald Dahl, of “James and the Giant Peach”, etc., fame. After watching the video, I pretty much thought, “I wasn’t that far off, after all”. Seemed to be cut from the same cloth!

Virginia — I’m sure by the end of the season you’ll be REALLY mad at him.
RR — You got it right! No problem at AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL.
Greg — Yep, pretty magical, BOTH of ’em! Peaches, elephants… pretty close😉

Ron Daaaaaaahl is very cute. Can he pitch? Maybe the Yankees will sign him.

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