A Few of His Favorite Things

Jeff_seatbelt.JPGHappy “Kiss a Cardinal Day” or, as it’s known in some corners, Jeffery Lung’s birthday.  That’s right, today my buddy Jeff officially reaches the ripe age of 29+.  The beautiful thing about that plus is that it could really mean anything.  Although my protestant guilt forces me to tell you that it means 3 this time around.

I don’t have to tell you that Jeff and I have known each other for a long time and helped each other celebrate birthdays many times before.  However, it has been a while since we were able to celebrate either one of our birthdays together.  This year is no different. 

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t help him celebrate his birthday correctly.  And what could be more correct than an alternately loving and loathing collection of photos.

In honor of Jeff and his birthday, I present this little birthday present, a gallery of things he loves, although sometimes ambivalently.  Without further ado, here we go:


albert pujols on fire.jpg

Hate to Love

hot cubs chick 2.jpg

Love (again)

ozzie smith 85 nlcs.jpg

Hate to Love

jeff_fantasy.jpgUnfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of Ozzie and Albert making out which means I couldn’t photoshop Jeff into it either.  Guess that just means we have something to look forward to next year!

Happy Birthday, buddy!



Happy Birthday to Jeff and thanks for the laugh with the last picture.



Happy BD, JLung… have a good one!


Only for you would I risk getting thrown in cuffs and transported off to the labor camp in Starke, Florida. As I stated on Facebook last night, I tried to get the measurements off your secret crush Erin Andrews, but her body double slapped the Snapple out of me and I got served with a restraining order.
So I could not mold a life-like replica of Andrews, but she sends herl love and will blow you a kiss…as long as we both respect the 500 foot barrier set by the Fl courts.
Happy B-day big guy…..Hope you Detroit pal picks up the tab tonight

Rays Renegade

Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope it’s a great one and that the Cardinals give you a good news birthday present soon.
Allen – Thank you for the laugh and the photographic insight into Jeff’s…um…passions.
– Kristen

Great post, Al. Happy birthday, Jeff. Drink a beer or two for me.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

A toast to you Jeff! Happy birthday! Any news on Pujols? That man just keeping on going like the bunny battery commercial.

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Enjoy it!

And, thank you Allan for not photocropping an Ozzie-Albert wet kiss!

– Randy

Thanks, errrrrybody!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Hope you have a great one, even if you are a year older. Take it from me: age=wisdom. (OK, that was bs. Age=wrinkles.)


Happy BD! BTW, I love that photo of the girl in red with the Cubs hat. I know that you guys have used the same picture in previous posts and as far as I’m concerned, you should use it every 3 or 4 posts🙂

Aw Happy Belated Birthday Jeff! And Albert Pujols looks sooo hot in that pic!

ohhh the cubby wubbys. That such a cubs fan thing to do. Astros baby wooo!!


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