Y’Can’t Crush Dis

jeff and allen crush.jpgTwo years ago, in order to quell our insatiable desire for all-things baseball prior to Opening Day, my woebegone and oft curt colleague (Mr. Allen Krause) and I decided to get our baseball fill through glorious song.  Said gloriousness was achieved by lip-syncing “Crush” by David Archuleta. 

It was da bomb.

And it played a major role in making RSBS a household MLBlog name.

Everything was perfect…


Sony had the video blocked.  About a year ago.  They claimed we shouldn’t be able to post the material because it was not our music.  We acknowledged that — DUH — but retorted that ours fell under parody law, that we made no claim that it was our song.  We gave credit where it was due and only asked that our interpretation of Archuleta’s hit be given a chance to thrive, because other baseball beserkers would find it consoling during the antsy prelude to the long season.

Somehow, the baseball gods were appeased.  And “Crush” is back online.*

For all of our dear readers — new, old, barely breathing — please, enjoy the show!

And don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.

Happy Friday!


**Apparently, some folks outside the US may still have it blocked. So, uh… guess you better move to ‘Merica so you can see it.


Now if you could only convince the Network Gestapo at my job that the awesomeness of “Crush” cancels out any lost productivity on my part from watching it, all would be well in the world. But alas, it is blocked. Homestein beckons.

Well, Jonestein, I can assure you that once it’s unblocked, you will notice that after 2 years I’m still better looking than Al.

Watching you guys play catch (or try to) is extremely entertaining.

Still love this video!!!

I laugh my *** off every time I watch this. A true classic. I never knew who sung the song though…I always thought David Archuleta was just a character in iCarly…

Virginia — Try is the operative word there😉
Russel — Thanks, man!
Mike — HAHAHA! iCarly… let’s just leave it at that, eh? HAHAHA.

But did anyone ask you for larger pics of yourself in the interests of extra “promotion” after your song posting? And did said “anyone” lurk around the outskirts in a predatory manner before he was warned to step away?
Said “anyone” got the message if that helps.
It was a long time ago.

Good for you to fight for this! And win! The next time I’m blocked – and it’s happened many times – I’ll follow your example and contest my case.


This is awesome! Baseball deserves a love song. You guys really got your boy band jazz hands and angsty expressions down pat…oh, and now I don’t feel so bad about how rusty I was playing catch.😉

Prince — Oh, I remember all right😉
Jane — Yes, and we’re also available as representation if you like. Hehe.
Kristen — Glad we could be of service! Our sacrifice is your gain!

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