Nursing that Irish Hangover

ireland hangover.jpgWhat, exactly, is an Irish hangover you might ask?

For most people, it’s the same as a regular hangover (dehydration, vomiting, possibly waking up next to a bearded lady), only the sun is still up ‘cuz you started partying at ten in the morning.


In my case, it mostly concerns dealing with a slew of sore face muscles caused by laughing too much.  The following video will do that to ya:

I know this vid is old, but hell, it ain’t stoppin’ Mr. Krause and I from grabbin’ our firearms to join the hunt.  Besides, the mystery of this southern leprechaun is as funny as Kyle Farnsworth is terrifying.

And believe me, that’s a lot.

Happy Friday!



Only in Mobile, Ala can a leprechaun get hooked on crack and give out fake gold and have to live in an old knotty pine.
He should have stayed on the straight and narrow and gone to Gerogia, where the Peach snapps and the spanish moss would at least give him a good night’s rest and a pillow………Uneducated little green clothed dude…bet he was in that tree wearing an A’s cap!

Rays Renegade

I hope you are no longer seeing green or being green. I did not have one drink yesterday but today a group of us from the train are going out for food and drinks for a friend last day at work.
13 days till Opening Day! Woohoo!

RR — Uneducated?!? I find A’s fans (all ten of them) to be pretty well learned😉
Emma — Nah. To be honest, I didn’t have one drink. It was my ode to St. Pat.

Hope your facial muscles are feeling better by now!🙂

Waking up next to a bearded lady is probably preferable to waking up next to a bearded man. So I would think.

Was it me or did that female anchor slip and say “f*cklore” instead of “folklore?”

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