Much Ado About Juan Pierre

juan pierre white sox.jpgA few days ago, I got in a fight.  I got in a fight over… Juan Pierre.

See, the thing is… I know a lot about baseball.  And that knowledge doesn’t come from some miraculous form of osmosis.  No.  Ya see, I am happiest when watching multiple games, all at once, as often as possible.  So I do that.  I do that a lot.  Not only that, but I also read a lot about baseball… magazines, columns, websites… I pour over numbers… listen to the experts.  I do all of this because I find it to be enjoyable.  Some people can do long division in their heads, some can kick a football from 50 yards out… Me?  I know a s**tload about baseball.

And that’s just the way it is.

So when someone says something insane and tries to pull it off as empirical fact without any legwork or base acumen from which to draw upon, then I have a real hard time controlling my temper.  Think of it this way: if I walked into an operating room and said, “hey, that guy doesn’t need a kidney transplant, just tie that thing to that thing and it’s all good”, somebody would deck me, or at least, get him me the hell out of there.

That’s what happened when dude started talking crazy about Juan Pierre: “Juan Pierre sucks.  He can’t get on base.  I could find 29 other leadoff men better than him right now.”

Oh, really?

Juan Pierre may not be a flashy fella.  He may not demand the sexy headlines.  But g0ddammit, Juan Pierre is pretty damn good.  He’s consistent as hell.  He never gets hurt.  He led the National League in hits… twice.  He led the National League in stolen bases TWICE and led the American League in stolen bases JUST LAST YEAR.  He has a lifetime batting average of .298 (which PROVES that the dude gets on base plenty) and he RARELY strikes out!!!

If there were 29 other leadoff men better than him right now I’d paint myself pink and change my name to Suzie.




And don’t hate me… ‘cuz I’m right.




Speed never goes into slumps, and I’d rather have a guy that puts the ball in play at bat in a crucial situation than one that hits .250 and strikes out 150 times a season. Pierre is a good player…


Jeremy — Totally agree. Give me Juan any day and I’m happy.
Catherine — You’re welcome!

JP has come a long way from wearing the teal of the Marlins.
He has been one of those guys who has stayed under the proverbial surface of the Fantasy pool, but has stats enough to merit consideration as a essential secondary tool on your Fantasy radar.
You do not get him for his power, but for his total bases numbers and theft attemps on the basepaths. His batting average is deceptive, but good enough to use him as a solid option when you power hitting OF are off, or on the DL.
He is on my ESPN team right now…starting against the Royals tonight… and has given me 3 runs and a RBI in his last 2 games.
I got your back on this one Jeff.

Rays Renegade

Juan Pierre is kind of a BEAST. He’s been around awhile, and has proven that he can STILL do it. What’s not to love? Good job stickin’ up for him!

Juan Pierre has been dead to me. Ever since he shaved his ‘stach when he was with Colorado.

I know Juan Pierre is one of the White Sox I don’t like to see coming up to bat. He’s fast, a pretty solid hitter and one of those guys who finds a way to get one base more often than not. He’s pretty frickn’ fast in the outfield too. Suffice to say, I don’t think we’ll be calling you Suzie anytime soon.
This is a very simple game…

Numbers don’t lie. That’s what I love about this game.

Exactly! The numbers don’t lie. ask him who those other 29 are.

—Mark Gauthier

Juan Pierre has always been a fearsome and dangerous weapon when used properly. He is exactly what Ozzie Guillen needs in his arsenal – the right lead off man to set up the rest of the lineup. It’s not just his speed alone that makes Pierre so dangerous, but the smarts Pierre has to make it work.

Believe me, I respect him…only to fear him.

– Randy

There’s something to be said for knowing what you’re getting and with Juan Pierre, you know what you’re getting year-in, year-out.

RR — Thanks. I might need it if they bring more guys to the fight😉
Virginia — I remember those BEAST t-shirts. I want one myself actually.
Matt — That was a killer ‘stache. I feel your pain.
Kristen — Right. I don’t care about his arm when he runs down everything.
Mike — You said it!
Mark — He couldn’t say. Of course, he was busy crying.
Randy — He’s the perfect clubhouse guy… from everything I’ve heard. I want him on my team.
Prince — Exactly. Consistency is key.

Did you really get into a fight, Suzie? I mean, Jeff? Like with punching and slapping and kicking? Hopefully it was just a verbal joust and you “won.”

There are at *most* only 28 other leadoff hitters in the majors. The Cubs sure as hell don’t have one. I’d be happy with Juan.

Jane — Don’t worry… no broken bones… no bruises… for me anyway😉
Rob — I hear ya. Cubbies need some help in that department.

I am not a huge JP fan, but it’s obvious that he’s a good and consistent player. Personally, I prefer players like Carl Crawford, but Pierre is a good player that does well year in and year out.


Ron — I’d take Crawford over Pierre any day, but Crawfords aren’t the norm, and Pierre is, like you mention, about as consistent as they get.

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