Setting the Mahmud: Johanna Presents “Great Moments in Ugly White Pitcher History”

This week…


Kent Tekulve

Kent tekulve

Tom Gorzelanny

Tom gorzelanny pirates

Lee Tunnell


Matt Capps

Matt capps pirates

And… one more time, in case ya missed it…

Tom Gorzelanny

Tom gorzelanny sloth

–Johanna Mahmud


haha, great pictures! Poor Gorselanny with that arm.

LMAO this is hilarious! I sometimes do posts about the cuties and hotties of baseball – I never thought of doing ugliness posts! Very funny!

Funny! But someone seriously needs to feed poor Kent before he disappears! Or, maybe that would not be such a bad thing? ;o)


Emma — And that face!
Virginia — I’m sure they’ll be more to come😉
Jenn — Ha! I thought he was already gone🙂

That was to cool. Lee Tunnel. Wow!!!!
—Mark Gauthier

Mark — I know, right!?!
Prince — Exactly. This little project kept him busy for three whole days!

Just think – this could be the start of a whole new series. The best would be ugly umpires – too many to list!

Nice! Tom Gorzelanny says “Hey you Gu-uys! Sloth pitch.”
– Kristen

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