I Prefer Our Neuroses

detroit_faygo.jpgAlthough a large percentage of the US is located in what the coasts refer to as “fly-over country,” that’s not necessarily such a bad thing.  For instance, being from Michigan, I grew up with access to Faygo which is, without a doubt, the best almost-generic soda in the country.  Michigan also has Vernors which is an odd cousin to ginger-ale.  If that wasn’t enough, Michigan also refers to soda as “pop.”  Now that I think about, we have some really weird neuroses going on when it comes to carbonated beverages. 

As bad as our soda-based idiosyncrasies may be, though, we’ve also got some mad talent.  Madonna, Eminem, Kid Rock, all Michiganders.  If you really want to get honest with yourself, you have to admit that native Michigander Ted Nugent can kick some serious tail, too. 

Why do I mention all this?  Because meanwhile, out east, this is happening:

Game, set and match to the fly-over states.



Two things: I’d love to remix that video with scenes of Carlos Mencia going “DEE-de-dee!” Good lord, that vid was lame!

As for us in the fly over states – we can *sing* our theme songs! We do karaoke better than they do out East! Just sayin’…

– Randy

After seeing that, I’m going to have to rethink this whole baseball thing. On the one hand, it makes me happy to be a Met fan. On the other hand, I’m already an angry Met fan. Lose/Lose. That was embarrassing. I hope I never run into him for so many reasons.

Two Midwest thumbs up for Faygo. It may have been the best thing about living in Flint (not surprising). Always fun to take the bottles back to the supermarket. By the truckload. Don’t look at me like that, supermarket staff, I swear this is a month’s worth of bottles. That wasn’t me you saw last week. Don’t judge meeeeeee. Give me my deposit (beer money)!

I remember drinking Towne Club pop (not soda) when I was a kid in southern Michigan…Yeah, I’m another of the celebrities from Michigan.

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