We All Be Trippin’!

Kids in the car
So much awesomeness has taken over the baseball-politico world lately — 2011 finally found itself a no-hitter, Al Qaeda lost its head, Glenn Beck still doesn’t have his own network — that we thought it’d be nice to share an equally surprising story.

Lucky for you, the RSBS interns dug up somethin’ real niiiiiiiiice.

Most people know about Doc Ellis’ LSD-aided no-hitter… it’s just more fun to hear him tell it in his own words:

Happy Day-Before-Friday!



The Doc Ellis LSD No Hitter is one of my favorite baseball stories – it’s a long list – and this is hilarious! I love that they made sure to show him in his curlers. Nice touch.
– Kristen

This could benefit the Mets in some way. I know it. http://paullebowitz.com.previewyoursite.com/blog/?p=1071

Kristen — I know right! I’m just glad someone took the time to put that together, period. Makes it that much more enjoyable.
Prince — You’re probably right. Mandatory LSD laced Bazooka gum in the clubhouse, next thing ya know they’ll be on top of the NL East.

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