And While We Were Gone…

Our recent recess from tickling the baseball-politico world’s underbelly did not go without major achievement.

In fact, my factious and oft riot-mongering colleague, Mr. Allen Krause, spent several days salivating over the baseball awesomeness that has been the Detroit Tigers of late.

Quite contrary to that bit of Utopia, I spent several days wondering why my dear St. Louis Cardinals suffer from incurable performance anxiety syndrome when facing their rival Cincinnati Reds.

And meanwhile, RSBS special correspondent and podcast heavyweight, Mr. Johanna Mahmud, spent several days… well, perhaps it’s just best if I show you what he’s been up to:

Hate me ‘cuz I got the interns to spy on our friend, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Just gonna say ‘way to go’ to the Cards, a sweep of the Phillies during there slump days…. It could be worse it could have been the sCrUBS…. So how do you lime the new blogs on WordPress, how about giving that a airing on a Filibuster, go Head be brave slam the management don’t be afraid be a man…..

I’ll be back…..

Still hTe the spell checking on my iPhone….. Sure you can figure out the errors ‘lime = like’ etc etc

I was wondering what you guys would have to say about the Reds/Cards series and the wonderful rivalry these two teams have developed? I think it’s a good thing for baseball. But I think the Cards let their frustrations get the best of them last weekend.


I know you just lime the likelight, Peter. LOL. Go CARDS!

Ron — For some reason, the Cards just get stage fright with them… maybe it’s Dusty… or Scotty Rolen… I dunno… but I do know it IS frustrating.

I understand how frustrating those stage fright enducing rivals can be. Great job against Philly though.
Between Allen’s double dream hands and this, you have quite the Glee-ful bunch at RSBS. Should we be expecting RSBS the Musical soon?
– Kristen

Oh you betchya, Kristen! I’m always looking for an opportunity to reprise my high school famed role of Moonface Martin! HOLLA!!!

Anything Goes, very cool!

Saw your question about resetting the approval default on the comments on another blog. In case no one else has said:
On your dashboard click settings (bottom of left sidebar) then click discussion. Unclick one or both of the boxes under before a comment posts depending on your preference, then click save. You can also adjust your email notifications, spam settings and a few other things on this screen.

Awesome, thanks, Kristen!

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