A Good Reason to Feature Insanity

The Major League schedule makers must have known the Cubs were going to be awful this year.  Why else would they schedule two endlessly touted matchups (the Cards/Cubs series in May and the upcoming Crosstown Classic Sox/Cubs contest) for weekdays when crowd turnout tends to be much higher on the weekends?

Whatever the reason, the White Sox and Cubs will kick off the work week by going at each other’s throats, which means I finally have a legitmate reason to share (again, I know) the greatest worst rap video of all time:

Seein’ Sweet Lou shake his rump like that makes me wanna throw up and laugh hysterically in a corner all by myself.

Which leaves an awful, awful mess.

Hate me ‘cuz I got that song stuck in your head, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Off topic, but I wanted to drop by and offer my condolences about Pujols. Really sorry to hear about the fracture and hope he comes back sooner than expected. I know you must be sad about your man crush.

Thanks, Jane. Yeah, I’m pretty bummed… but seeing how we’ve had a slew of injuries this season, I’m not as bummed as one might think. These Redbirds, they got a lot of fight in them😉

I wonder how much they paid Lou to do that. I have to admit though, he almost looks like he wanted to be doing it. Ozzie, well he’s never met a camera he doesn’t love.


True story, Blue Jays Nest. Lou is definitely out of his element there.

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