RSBS Digest: Dealing With It

The last few days have seen my interwebs, my YouFace and my Tweeters blow up with concerned dear readers galore:

Jeff, I heard about Pujols… man… are you okay?

Jeff, I heard about Michele Bachmann topping another 2012 poll, is everything cool?

Jeff, I heard one still can’t find Kraftbrau’s Doppelbock on tap anywhere in the Chi. Are you contemplating suicide?



And… no.

Definitely not.  Everything is cool, man.  I mean, what am I supposed to do?  Give up!?!?!


Bein’ down isn’t something I’m unaccustomed to, my friends.  And yeah, back in the old days, I would sit and stew, fume and pout, whine and complain about things I could not control.  But where is there value in that?

I would rather fight through hardships than lay down and die because of them.  The satisfaction of overcoming adversity is like that first sip of a cold adult beverage after work on Friday: earning it makes it taste better.  And sometimes, when failure is still the result, knowing I gave my best effort keeps me sane.

But I swear, if I don’t find that Doppelbock on tap somewhere in this city soon, no wall in my apartment is safe.

Hate me all ya want, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Doesn’t sound like Albert’s going to be out too long and the Cards still have Berkman and Holliday so it’s not the end of the world. Makes you wonder where they’d be with a healthy Wainwright and Albert though. Still, I’m not losing any sleep over the fact that the Jays won’t face Albert.

I would be more concerned about Pujols’ frosty response when a reporter asked him if he thinks the injury will affect his contract. It IS a legit question, no need to freak out, Albert.

Blue Jays Nest — I’m sure you’re not! The way they’ve battled through hardships this year, I have no less faith in them now than I did a week ago. We’ll get through it.
Catherine — I think he’s just tired of the questions period. He said he didn’t want to talk about free agency at all during the season.

OK, I’ll never offer my condolences again! LOL. Glad you’re shrugging it all off, including Michelle.

LOL, Jane. It’s cool if you offer condolences😉 I appreciate and accept them. Just wanna make sure people know I’m not suicidal, as many had hinted.

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