Some Visual Stimulants for Your Fourth

It’s the Fourth of July (properly pronounced JOO-ly, like Grandma used to say) and that  means you should be out enjoying the day off, not hovered around your keyboard looking for awesome random stuff on the interwebs.  However, if you are hovering around your keyboard looking for awesome random stuff on the interwebs, this is your lucky day ‘cuz the RSBS interns have pulled together a short pictorial collage that amply represents all that is good on this historic day.

Baseball and apple pie... classic.

'Merica guy from last year's festivities

Bell's Oberon... the greatest thing to ever touch these lips

Christina Hendricks... the greatest thing I WANT to touch these lips...

And, finally…

My colleague, Mr. Krause... and friend

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right, yo!

Happy Fourth!



Hope you had a great 4th. If the interns have any free time, I could use some help over at M.I.B.!

Mike, there’s plenty to go around! Hope yours was good too!

Allen is looking mighty…kittenish. Hope you had a good holiday!

That’s one of his better pictures, Jane😉 Hope your 4th was good too!

LOL that was…enlightening. Hope you enjoyed the holiday!

Virginia, glad I could open up your world a bit😉

Hilarious and awesome! There are so many captions that come to mind for the photo of “Allen” and not a one of them is appropriate for MLBlogs…not even for this MLBlog. Oh well.
— Kristen

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