People Who Are Worse Than Carlos Zambrano

1.  Hitler

2.  Jeffrey Dahmer

3.  ?????

Sorry, that’s all I could come up with.

Big Z is nothing but a Big Dick.  I feel for my Cub fan friends right now.  I really do.

He is — and ALWAYS HAS BEEN — a dark stain on the game, on his team, on my city.

So I hope he never comes back.

Happy Saturday!



I hope this is an official retirement. Save the Cubs $18+ Million.

Closer to $23 million from what I can tell. No way he walks away from that though. Cubs are screwed.

As if the Cubs didn’t have enough to worry about. Like you I don’t think he will actually retire, which is too bad. He’s now put himself in a position where it would be impossible for the Cubs to trade him.

It’s too bad baseball doesn’t have a job abandonment policy. In the real world, if you make statement that you’re quitting and just walk out, your managers have every right to accept that resignation and move on with their lives.
You could probably put Stalin in #3 slot, what with the purges and all. But then again, he probably had a better win record than Z…
— Kristen

Blue Jays Nest — It’s been pretty impossible, but yeah, now it’s TOTALLY impossible. Wow.
Kristen — Stalin could go in there yes, but then again he did help us fight back Hitler. I agree with the need for a job abandonment policy. I will take that job!!

Yep, the players union is actually trying to defend Big Z! He quit on his team. He’s not only an embarrassment to the Cubs, but all of baseball. Cub players are already saying the clubhouse atmosphere is better. But that contract is killer. I agree with Kristen about the job abandonment policy.


I think the outrage of fans and the Cubs organization also shows how baseball is still a sport that places a lot of value on character and tradition…especially when it comes to a club like the Cubs that are playing at the second oldest ballpark.

Ron — That’s what the Union does. They see money first and nothing else second. They stood up for K-Rod when he decked his father-in-law in the Mets family room too.
Bryan — Exactly. If it were football he’d back on the field and all would be business as usual.

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