Weekend at Jeffy’s

As you probably know by now, last weekend I finally got to sit down with Jeff and Johanna to record an RSBS Podcast in person.  The recording session took place around noon but the day didn’t end there.  No, it continued for many hours, many drinks and many laughs.  Sadly, though, we apparently did not party hard enough because it pales in comparison to the weekend Robert Young and Mark Rubinson had.

One of these days I’ll find myself back in the Chi and I hope we can take a mulligan on last weekend’s events.  I think that if we really tried, we could even go so hard that we become Angels’ fans:

On second thought….



FOR THE RECORD, that pic was taken in 2003, while I was living in Los Angeles, trying out the Halos as my AL team. I had a baseball boner for Eckstein, what can I say.

Now _that_ is a good look for Jeff. And for the record I think he’s protesting an awful lot. Too much? Well, probably only you folks that know him well can say, but my outside opinion is certainly leaning in that direction.🙂
— Kristen

Wow. Just saw the end of Cardinals-Phillies. Congrats, Jeff! Now you and Allen both have teams in the playoffs. Let the games begin.

Thanks, Jane! I’m beside myself!

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