High-Fiving Strangers

One reason I absolutely love going to baseball games is because it’s one of the only places where it’s acceptable to high-five strangers.  And last night, at the end of the most incredible baseball game I’ve ever experienced in the flesh, I was doing a lot of that!

My voice is gone and I’m short of words to describe the experience thus far, but my heart rate tells me: we’re just gettin’ started.




Wish I could be there to enjoy the fun with you. Go Cards!!

That was such a good game last night! Even for us October adoptee fan types. I hope tonight’s game is just as much fun for you all. As for the first photo, why a Cardinals fan would be doing a Tony Plush imitation, I have no idea.😉
— Kristen

By now you’ve experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. But overall, I’d say the thrill of being there has to be the best of all. High fiving strangers rocks!

Christy — I had great fun, up until the 9th inning of game two. At least I had 45,000 mourners alongside me😉
Kristen — You know me! Glad you picked up on that lil inside dig!
Jane — You are absolutely right. And besides, without defeat, we might never know the sweetness of victory.

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