A Stake Through the Heart?

By now, my century long-depressed baseball brethren on the north side of Chicago are aware that, despite Prince Charming occupying the king’s seat at Addison and Clark, Cubbie Land might still get turned on its head.

Oh yes.

Ryne Sandberg.

If Ryne Sandberg becomes the new manager of the St. Louis Cardinals — THE WORLD CHAMPION ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — then I think I might just pee on myself.

Oh, the joy… to think, that one of the greatest Cubs in the history of the world — THE SAME CUB WHO WAS SNUBBED OVER FOR MIKE “LAME DUCK” QUADE — could sit at the St. Louis helm with those beautiful, beautiful birds on the bat, blazing across his Hall of Fame chest.

Oh sure, Francona would be great.  Oquendo too.  Hell, even Pettini is good in my book.

But Ryno… oh Ryno… *SALIVATES*

A friend of mine ran into Ryno, his wife and some friends of theirs in Times Square this summer.  He said he was so in awe of the Hall of Fame second baseman that he sort of lost track of his thoughts and the forced conversation sorta became… awkward.

I imagine it was the same sort of awkward that would come from him championing the Cardinals to a World Series title in 2012…

Hate me!  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right!




Two things are happening here: Ryno wants to be a MLB manager REAL BAD! Oh, and the Cards are damn lucky to be pursuing him after he said “no” to Theo.

Well, Theo didn’t even give him a chance, Randy. Theo called him to tell him he wasn’t eligible for the position. Imagine that! Cubs legend snubbed TWICE by his team in the span of about one year! WHOOPSIE!

If I were a GM I would manage like this: whatever the Cubs do, just do the opposite. If they say Ryno won’t be a good manager, I have no doubt he’ll win Manager of the Year next season.


Hey Theo, I have two words for you: Mike Scioscia. Might want to call the Dodgers and ask how they feel today about “dodging” that particular no major league managerial experience bullet. Oh well, Jeff. Theo’s phone probably doesn’t even dial west coast numbers and you guys already have a rally animal now, why not?🙂
— Kristen

Blue Jays Nest — I think your management plan there is one for success. No question!
Kristen — Yes! I like it. Anaheim Light. I think I could get used to that very easily.

I heard LaRussa may un-retire and manage the Dodgers once they sell the team. He’d be so perfect for Hollywood!

Say that ain’t so, Jane! I wouldn’t be able to cope with him in that Dodger blue.

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