A Non-Rhotic Entertainment Experiment

I’m not much of television watcher.  Outside of sporting events and the occasional Survivor Man episode, I just can’t get into something week after week.

I blame The Wire.  After blowing through all five seasons in just a few short weeks a couple years ago, everything else just seemed like Jersey Shore: a bunch of self-obsessed lame-ohs screaming and yelling while adding nothing positive to the universe.

And then there was this…

Hate me ‘cuz I helped put some nasty images in your head, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.

Happy Saturday!



I grew up near beautiful Worcester and that bit rings o so true. :-0

i don’t get it…

3guys1movie — Glad that it didn’t come out of left field!😉
TooSoxy — Hahaha. Sure you don’t🙂

Niiiice! I’ll have to share that with the bit of the family in Boston. Whether or not they laugh I know they’ll recognize it.🙂 Every fan base has their own special version of the South Boston subset and I am already laughing again envisioning the Angels and Dodgers versions made youtube fodder!
— Kristen

Kristen — Yeah, the Cardinals faction is missing several teeth and lives off of Budweiser and Wonderbread.

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