The GIF That Keeps On Giving

There are three computers in my house.  When idle, I like to keep the above GIF running on all three of them, so when I pass by I can get off on Greinke’s angry bounce.

Oh how sweet it is, oh how sweet it is.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




It’s always funny when a rival player makes an a$$ of himself…and it’s caught on video. Life is about the little things that make us laugh.

Did Grinke actually hit himself in the face with that angry bounce or just almost? Poor pouty Zachy’s gonna pack up his toys and go…*whump, splat*…ow! Mom-my! *snerk*
— Kristen

Mike — The Brewers seem to do a lot of that😉
Kristen — I’m thinkin’ he grazed himself, yes. All too easy…

I love that GIF! I’d keep it running in my house too.

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