Santa Krause Comes Early This Year

I know it’s early but I just got too excited and had to give you my Christmas present.  I hope you like it.  It is from the heart after all.

Happy holidays!


Santa Krause wants to keep on giving, too, with our awesome Oakley Blender sunglasses give-away, made possible by our friends at Crown Royal!  If you would like to win these sweet shades, all you gotta do is send us a picture showing why you are RSBS’ biggest fan.  Email it to us at  The winner will be announced this Saturday, December 24th.

1 Comment

Oh, thank you Santa Krause! I used to live in this part of town, still love the bars and restuarants there and can attest to the fact that the hipster menace is obnoxious and spreading. This is the best-est present ever.
— Kristen

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