Things That Have Changed In the Last 50 Years

Indeed, some things change more than others.  It’s amazing what just a simple mustache can do.

Happy Friday!



I would say the entire world has changed..lots of things have changed..sadly they can’t be mentioned in a blog post.

Never underestimate the power of the mustache. It’s been empowering closers and fooling meddeling Scoobie Doo kids for decades.
Love the look of the Convair ad!mustache I grew up sandwiched in between Lockheed and Disney so there are a lot of historical posters and ads like that floating around the old home town…some of them involving Mickey Mouse.🙂
— Kristen

^^Yep, still hating the autofill on my Droid.

Love the pictures! especially Don Zimmer and OMG was Jamie Moyer that young before? lol. Like Kristen, I hate the autofill on my droid too. It usually changes Uribe to Urine, not that I mind that one😉

The biggest change other than Leyland’s facial hair, is that kids back then spent their free time playing baseball in the ‘sandlots’ and their backyards instead of glued to a tv or XBox…

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