I’ll Take the Snow

As spring training heats up in the warmer portions of the American south, the north continues to deal with winter and snow.  Meadows and fields that might soon host young ballplayers or maybe a backyard game of catch instead look like this:

Nope, wait a minute.  Wrong picture.  That’s Australia.  And that’s not snow, that’s spider webs.  Along with millions of spiders.  You know, come to think of it, maybe snow isn’t so bad after all.



Yeah I saw those photos online. I would think a lot better of spiders if they didn’t like biting me so much. As it is *shudders*, I’d prefer the snow too.
— Kristen

Our winter here in Michigan was pretty mind, so no complaints really. When I do hear complainers, I remind them they we’re pretty safe up here from hurricanes, flooding, and rarely get too many tornadoes. After the tragadies in the lower midwest, I think we’re pretty good up here…and no spiders (or bees…) in the winter either..

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