Don’t Get Pinched: Clink a Pint and Do Some Good!

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Okay, I’m not Irish.  I’m Scottish.  We make the whisky.  But when it comes to beer, it just doesn’t get any better than Ireland’s very own Guinness!!!  I’m assuming you already have a pint in your hand.  If not, GET ONE!

And while doing so, please take a moment to join RSBS and Guinness in setting the world record for the largest St. Patrick’s Day party on the planet!  It’s easy.  Just go to, verify you’re 21 years or older, then click “Join The Party.”  Just type in your first name, country and zip code and then in the “optional code” box, enter the code “REDS” and Guinness will send $1 to RSBS, a dollar which we’ll be donating to Baseball Tomorrow Fund participant, Noble Network Charter Schools.

To show our appreciation, think on the following:

It also happens to be the combined blood alcohol content for the 2011 Red Sox starting rotation.

And the only active baseballers I can think of named Patrick right now are… none! Since Pat the Bat retired, I can’t think of a single one player named Patrick.
So that would be right around the same time the Cubs celebrate 8,853 years without a World Series title.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



I’m mostly Scottish, too, Jeff, but have enough Irish in me to enjoy this day and make it my own! Any excuse for an extra beer, I guess… You and Al have a fun and safe night!

Does it count that I have a lot of Irish inlaws? They definitely will be drinking the Guinness. Unfortunately I’ll be working, taking care of those who drank too much Guinness.

Fun has been had, Mike! Hope it was good for you too!
Cat — The caretaker’s role in all of this is grossly overlooked, so kudos to you!

Well, I’m Irish enough for all of you and the daughter of a Patrick no less, so I can definitely say this is an all inclusive holiday. The “spirit” of the holiday is both imbibable and easily passed on through close contact of any festive sort.🙂 So happy St. Patrick’s Day! …a little late. I hope it was grand and that you guys got lots of love for the virtual Guiness party.
— Kristen

Thanks, Kristen! Much love indeed. Thanks for being the Irish we are lacking😉

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