How Will the Padres Become Watchable in 2012?

They hired a sideline reporter.  Her name is Britt McHenry.

And you are welcome.

It’s nice to see old crotchety baseball execs are finally getting the fact that sex sells.  And let’s face it: if you’re going to commit time and money to watching bad baseball, the least the front office could do is give you something nice to look at.

As long as they don’t partner her with Gary Templeton, things could be looking up in San Diego.

Hate me ‘cuz I don’t do all my thinking with my brain, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




I just wonder what happened to the watchable Baseball team. It was just two years ago that they were a game away from the playoffs. I understand they lost Adrian Gonzalez, but they dropped 20 wins from one year to the next. Weird.

Thank you. I don’t think brain with either sometimes….

Mateo — They are offensively-challenged. That’s their main problem.
Mike — I too think way that sometimes🙂

Now I remember why I buy the MLB Extra Innings on cable…………

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