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The Fickle Hands of Time

I hate changing to Daylight Savings Time.  Yes, it ostensibly gives
me an extra hour of sunlight every day but losing an hour of sleep the day
it happens throws me off for more time than I earn back.  I’m a simple
man.  I like the hands on my clock to move a minute at a time, not swallow
up entire hours in a single bound.

Where is the sense in this anyway?  Look at it this way. 
A baseball game scheduled to start at one PM now starts at one PM Daylight Savings
Time.  That means noon regular time.  So, because of your ridiculous
need to include an extra hour of sunlight in the day, I’m sitting in the blazing sun as
it reaches its apex leading to a sunburn several shades brighter than it needed
to be.

There is only one reason I should have a sunburn.  And
that’s because I’m on a boat:

Daylight Savings Time, consider this me putting you on notice.



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